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Fixtures & Events

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In July 2018 we gained the Gold Level for the School Games Mark and maintained it in 2019.


Schools are allocated a sum of money, called Primary PE and Sport Funding, to support all children and improve the quantity, quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.


Year 5/6 Football Team – Diary Dates

5 November 2021

Football team dates (1)

BFC Bertie Bee Competition

16 September 2021

Burnley Football Club have been working on a female bee mascot to join Bertie. They want to gather ideas from YOU and have provided the attached workbook. If you’d like to get involved please complete the workbook with your ideas and send back into school to Mrs Martin by Thursday 23rd September.


If we win as a school we will receive a visit to school from both mascots in the new year with some match tickets! 🎉


Bertie Bee Comp (1)

Activities During the Summer Holidays

16 July 2021
Summer 2021 Over the summer holidays, your children are encouraged to keep active using the many facilities and open spaces Pendle has to offer. 60 minutes a day is the target. Remember walking and cycling are free!
Following on from the success of Pendle SSP’s activities over lockdown, there will be a weekly activity and / or challenge for families to have a go at. The weekly activities will appear every Monday morning on including treasure hunts, cycle the lights at the hub and adventures on bikes. Nice prizes too.
Also check out these


Lancashire County Council Wellbeing service
  • W/C 26th July: Rainbow Week 1-3pm Tues @ Victoria Pk Nelson and Friday @ Victory Pk B’lick
  • W/C 2nd Aug: Sport Week     1-3pm Tues @ Victoria Pk Nelson and Friday @ Victory Pk B’lick
  • W/C 16th Aug: Bugs and Nature Week    1-3pm Tues @ Victoria Pk Nelson and Friday @ Victory Pk B’lick
  • W/C 23rd Aug Animals Week 1-3 pm Tues @ Victoria Pk Nelson and Friday @ Victory Pk B’lick

Have a safe and happy summer

Best Wishes

Fiona Callaghan

SGO Pendle

Enjoy some fun activities over the Easter holidays!

26 March 2021

Enjoy some fun activities over the Easter holidays!


1. Hunt on Wheels

Go with your family on a bike ride along the canal towpath solving the clues as you go. Start at Barlick or Barrowford.

2. Lamp post / Telegraph Pole Orienteering / Treasure Hunt on foot.

Starts at Long Ings Lane Barnoldswick BB18 6BJ on canal bridge near Coates Lane School. You will need to print the answer sheet and map before you go.


Barlick Coates Ln TH clues

Brochure of Activities

Hunt on Wheels clues.docx

Pendle School Sport Partnership Half Term Activities

12 February 2021

February Lockdown Half Term

Here’s a few things to get you through a week at home this half term. Prizes and certificates up for grabs 😊 All family friendly. Most items will require printing off before you go although you can record your answers anyway you like and email it in afterwards. You will need a pen.

  • Treasure Hunt Barrowford Park
  • Treasure Hunt Barlick Town Centre
  • Marsden Park Lamp post Orienteering – link to map included in document. Can be accessed via mobile phone. NOTE! A screenshot is attached but not all clues not visible on this format
  • ICON 21 game card
  • Pendle SSP Cabaret – why use your week off to practice a short performance of a dance / song/ poem / trick / skill / joke/ musical rendition?

Details of when where and how this will take place will be made available after half term for our own virtual Cabaret 2021


All these items plus other activities you may have missed are available on including

    1. Cycle routes
    2. 2 x orienteering courses
    3. 5 x treasure hunts around Pendle

Brwfrd Park TH Feb 2021.docx
Barlick Town centre TH.docx
Marsden Park Lamp post Oting.docx

Year 4 Fishing

13 March 2020

Year 4 Fishing Lessons @ Cornfield Fishery

Four children from Year 4 had a fantastic time on Friday morning at Cornfield Fishery. Lots of fish caught in the lovely Spring weather.

Sport Relief

13 March 2020

Sport Relief Week

We have had a fantastic time taking part in Sport Relief week. Throughout the week we have taken part in our own individual challenge – ‘Barnoldswick to Budapest’ which is 1300 miles. Each child and teacher in the school has ran a mile a day to accumulate the miles. We have had a range of different sports coaches in this week to give the children a wider range of sporting knowledge and opportunity. These sports have included Karate, Dance, Dodgeball and Cricket. Finally, the children were also lucky enough to have a chance to ride a smoothie bike thanks to the Pendle Up and Active Team who kindly lent us this on Friday to give the children the opportunity to make their own fruit smoothie by pedaling the push bike. The harder the children pedaled, the smoother it made their fruit smoothie for them to then drink! As a school, Gisburn Road raised over £195 which is a fantastic amount to help less fortunate children around the world. A big thank you to everyone who has donated and contributed to making Sport Relief a really enjoyable week for the children.

Year 5 and Year 6 Football Competition

11 March 2020

Year 5/6 Football Competition @ Fisher More High School

Gisburn Road 3-0 Castercliff

Gisburn Road 1-0 Bradley

Gisburn Road 0-3 Sacred Heart

Well done to our Year 5/6 Development Team Footballers who reached the Semi Finals of the Pendle School’s competition on Wednesday evening at Fisher More High School. The team won both their group games – showing some great team work in the process before they were unfortunately knocked out at the semi final stage against eventual runners up – Sacred Heart. The team showed great teamwork and had a fantastic time throughout the evening. Well done!

Team: Hannah, Michael, Arron, Matthew, George, Oliver, Dainton and Kaizer.

Year 3 Fishing

28 February 2020

Year 3 Fishing Lessons @ Cornfield Fishery

Four children from Year 3 had a fantastic time trying out Fishing last Friday at Cornfield Fishery in Burnley. Despite the torrential rain, the children worked really hard to search for fish. They all found it really fun and exciting!


Year 3 and Year 4 Dodgeball Festival

13 February 2020

Year 3/4 Dodgeball Festival @ West Craven Leisure Centre

Well done to our Year 3/4 Dodgeball team who really enjoyed their festival on Thursday afternoon at West Craven Leisure Centre. The children competed against the other West Craven cluster of schools and had lots of fun throughout their games. The team all did some fantastic catching and throwing but also some great dodging, ducking and diving to avoid being hit with the ball from the other team. The children all had a great time and represented the school in a fantastic manner.

Team: James, Bradley, Noah, Toby, Isabella, Ellie, Daisy and Rosie.