School Games Mark

In the summer of 2016 we gained the Bronze Level for the School Games Mark


Our vision for sport at Gisburn Road School is to achieve sporting excellence.

We aim to have many different afterschool sport clubs and teams where we can compete against other local and Lancashire schools. We are driven by our school values of perseverance, respect and friendship and understand to achieve sporting excellence takes practise.

Bronze Level

In the summer of 2016 we gained the Bronze Level for the School Games Mark for all the hard work we have put into games through PE and after school sports and clubs.

In order for us receiving this award we had to have a system in place to track the children’s participation in the games, have opportunities which attract less active children, hold a sports day event, engage at least 20% of children in extracurricular sporting activities and take part in level 1 and level 2 competitions both within and at other schools.

Silver Level

Our aim for 2016-2017 is to work towards completing the criteria for the Silver Level award.

This is like the bronze level above however we must engage more children in extracurricular sporting activities, hold more level 1 and level 2 competitions, have links with local sports clubs and have at least 10% of children leading, managing and officiating some school games activities.

As part of us fulfilling this criteria we pay into the Pendle Partnership where we take part in competitions, run bike ability and have other training sessions. We also have pupil led sports games and activities on the yards at lunchtime who have been trained by FUNDA along with the lunchtime staff. Our pupils always show good sportsmanship in all they do.