Gisburn Road Community Primary School


Key Workers

Parents of children in Years 1 - 6

We have lists of Key Worker children from March 2020. If your role has now changed or you now think you may be a Key Worker (or would like to check the roles list) please visit:

Remember you can only access this service if you have no other form of childcare and you are NOT working from home.


Pendle School Sport Partnership Half Term Activities

February Lockdown Half Term Here’s a few things to get you through a week at home this half term. Prizes…

Nursery have all enjoyed having a cuddle with their new lockdown bears

Thank you Friends of Gisburn Road!  

Spread the happiness…. what day is it …

Spread the happiness…. what day is it today? YES! It’s chocolate cake day! How lucky are we to have Mrs…


Children Attending School Through Lockdown

5 January 2021

Once again the Government have taken the step of closing schools to the vast majority of pupils in order to help to stem the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). This has been done at extremely short notice and we have been working hard to make plans that ensure the pupils can come to school and continue…


Nothing from 24 February 2021 to 24 February 2021.