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Following a period of closure in Spring and Summer 2020. Gisburn Road Primary School and Preschool have developed a contingency plan, in line with DFE guidelines, in the need for a further lockdown in Pendle or the country. Children will continue to be provided with an education remotely which is high quality and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision.

All learning will be conducted using Century Learning Platform, Oak Academy, teachers' own videos and other virtual online lessons. This will allow staff to keep in daily contact in a professional and confidential manner with their class. Teachers will be able to schedule learning in a manner that does not overwhelm our children. Teaching and learning can be tailored, changed and updated as time progresses, allowing for replication of classroom activity to the best of our ability. In all communications we will prioritise the wellbeing of our children and parents. If any parents feel they need further support in any way, we ask that you contact your class teaching staff, who will only be too happy to help.

Identified possible lockdown scenarios:

  • Individual children who are waiting to be tested/isolating.
  • A partial lockdown involving bubbles of children.
  • A longer term whole school lockdown.
  • Key worker/vulnerable pupils in school only.
  • Short term teacher absence
  • Long term teacher absence

The Need for Flexibility of Learning

We realise that the circumstances that cause our school to close will affect families in a number of ways. In our planning and expectations, we are aware of the need for flexibility from all sides.

  • Parents may be trying to work from home so access to technology as a family may be limited.
  • Parents may have two or more children trying to access technology and need to prioritise the needs of young people studying towards GCSE/A Level accreditation.
  • Teachers may be trying to manage their home situation and the learning of their own children.
  • Systems may not always function as they should.
  • An understanding of, and willingness to adapt to, these difficulties on all sides is essential for success.

Expectation Management

We believe that it is in the best interests of our children that we continue to provide structured support to the best of our ability.  It must be noted that the work children engage in during a period of closure will be part of our current planning and so cannot be considered as optional.

This is our children’s education and we cannot afford for them to miss out on any further learning time.  Teachers will set 3 hours of online education each day in line with the Government Guidance. Learning will consist of daily Reading, Writing and Maths, Phonics where applicable and other wider curriculum subjects such as PSHE, P.E or Science.

Accessing Remote Learning

As a school we recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home, or a suitable digital device to access remote learning. The school have a small number of devices which can be loaned to those parents who do not have any devices, or a device suitable for online learning. We also have a very limited number of dongles that can provide free internet access. These can made available by contacting the school office on 01282 812287 or through

These will be shared on a need to need basis. The home learning schedule in place will not require printed materials as are aware that children will have limited access to printers and will not be able to collect packs of worksheets. Work can be submitted through the Century Learning Platform or through the year group email addresses. Packs will be provided only as a last resort.

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