Friends of Gisburn Road

Friends of Gisburn Road is a growing Parents Teachers Association (PTA). We welcome all parents, teachers and friends of Gisburn Road to be involved.

The objectives of FOGR are both social and financial. Over the years we have organised a number of highly enjoyable social and fund-raising events, which have enabled the school to greatly improve their outdoor playground equipment, staging and learning resources as well as for example subsiding school trips. This funding greatly enhances the children's learning. Please help support Gisburn Road.


We have raised money to:

  • buy computer equipment for the infants
  • provide a book bag to every child in preschool and reception class
  • buy new books for the library
  • support school trips, match funding what the children raise themselves
  • give the younger children a Christmas gift (a book) to read
  • provide souvenir hoodies for leavers

In the 2016 - 2017 school year we raised over £3,000 and donated over £8,000 to:

  • insure the new school minibus
  • install better sound equipment for the main hall
  • fund a Wow Reading Day where an author will visit the whole school
  • fund a Wow Maths Day to raise interest in this key skill
  • help pupils raise money for their school trip to York
  • provide every new child with a free book bag
  • give the younger children with a Christmas gift (a book) to read
  • kit out school leavers with a souvenir Gisburn Road Leavers hoodie
  • install sound equipment and microphones for the infants (great for discos!)
  • provide every new child with a free book bag
  • give the younger children with Christmas gift (a book) to read
  • match-fund the purchase of iPads (we funded half of them)

Between September 2015 and November 2016 over £3,000 was raised and donated to school activities, equipment and experiences for the children.

Outdoor playground equipment:

  • Preschool - wooden train & carriage
  • Infants - ball catcher & road track
  • Y3/4 - ball catcher & magnetic wall games
  • Y5/6 equipment within the MUGA
  • Willow Dome - a shaded area for outdoor learning


A donation from FOGR enabled school to purchase lovely large plant pots and plants which are a great feature in each playground. Other donations included a sound and lighting system for the stage.


Details of all events are advertised and circulated in advance. If you wish to become involved please enquire at the school office.