Welcome new starters!

Meet your teacher

Mrs Heaton would like to say hello. She also has a story to tell you! Play the video:

You are the
Elf Owls

At Gisburn Road each year group has its own name. You are going to be the Elf Owls! Grown ups can email Mrs Heaton using your new class's email address:


Your new classroom and library


Outdoor classroom and playground

Information for grown ups

What we do in reception class

What we've been up to

Although these are somewhat unusual times, you can get a good sense of what happens in reception on the current class page:

The class page has lots of home learning and news posts showing what Mrs Heaton and the children get up to.

If you have any questions at all, even at this early stage, you can email Mrs Heaton using the address powerfulowls@gisburnroad.com

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