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Mrs Brown

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Mrs Heaton

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Reception award winners

⭐ Golden Star of the Week ⭐

  • Daniel Waddington for trying so hard with his talking and communicating with everyone he comes into contact with. He has made some great progress with his communicating.

Writer of the Week

  • Eva Keane for some brilliant sentence writing. Eva is able to think, say and write a sentence by listening for the sounds in each word.

Sports Boy

  • Hunter Thompson for super quick independent changing and for some really good moving in different ways along a bench and jumping and landing appropriately.


  • 94.2%

Mrs Heaton & Mrs Brown

22 October 2021


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2020 nativity

After performing our very first outdoor nativity at Gisburn Road Primary School here is a video of it filmed indoors for you to enjoy. Due to the British weather it wasn’t viable to film outdoors without the children freezing or getting wet.