Welcome to Gisburn Road!

We're really excited and ready to meet you in your new classroom. If you haven't already seen the video of your new teacher, the tour of your classroom and the photos of your class mates, have a look at the new starter information page:


Congo Bay Owls

If you have any photos or home learning to send in, you can email it to:

Or send it here... add your pictures, files or write something and tell me your name:

Mrs Heaton

Reception Class Teacher and Governor

Learning at home

Don't forget... you can send photos, scans and written reports of completed tasks and activities to your teacher. Use the email address or drop your work into the sending box at the top of this class page.

Purple Mash

Extra online learning

Coming soon

Each week I look out for shining stars… watch this space for the next award!

Mrs Heaton

Reception news

Remote Learning

We have had an exciting week in Receptio…

We have had an exciting week in Reception class this week. Did your child tell you anything about what happened…

Reception curriculum overview