Year 6

Hawk Owls

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Miss Pearson

Teaching Assistant in Year 6
Mrs L Toor

Mrs Toor

Deputy Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher and DSL
Mrs M Holman

Mrs Holman

Teaching Assistant in Years 5 and 6 and Governor

Learning at home

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Purple Mash

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Year 6 news

On the last day of term we traditionally hold a Non-Uniform Day. To celebrate the day together during the coronavirus lockdown we decided to do a "Uniform Day". Children at ...
Happy Friday everyone! Today at 9.45am we'll be holding Friday assembly's celebration awards on the website at The time is just after PE with Joe Wicks finishes and before ...
Saying goodbye to our Year 6 on Friday with a lap or two of honour. Despite Mrs Toor unable to be with them ☹️, she was there in spirit as ...
To my year 6 class (and parents), I am sat here feeling rather strange that we may not be together again for the remainder of your final Primary school year- ...
Year 6 looked great for World Book Day 📚
❤️Reminder: We are having a Valentines Day cake sale to raise money for Pendleside Hospice THIS FRIDAY. ❤️Buns/cakes will cost 50p and will be sold at playtime by Year 6. ...

Year 6 curriculum overview