Valley Gardens

Just a few metres from school, Valley Gardens provides us with a fantastic green space and nature hub.

Routes to school

The paths through Valley Gardens provide traffic-free routes for many local families to walk to school and preschool.

The bridges allows families to walk or cycle to and from Butts, Monkroyd, Priory Way and the various streets to the east of Gisburn Road. There are steps up to the rear of school or a sloped path to the main Gisburn Road entrance.

Many families stop off at the Valley Gardens playground after school. This is litter-picked every day during school hours to keep it clean and tidy, ready for children to use on their way home.

Community volunteering

Several Gisburn Road pupils and parents regularly volunteer in Valley Gardens to learn new skills and keep the paths, flowerbeds, bridges, beck and woodland looking beautiful.

There is a daily litter pick and occasional seasonal woodland conservation work. Over 5,000 pieces of litter are removed each year and 50 native tree seeds and seedlings have ben planted this autumn.

Nature hub

Valley Gardens is the perfect place to inspire children about the natural world, throughout the ever-changing seasons, on their walks to and from Gisburn Road school.

We're very proud to have this fantastic and very accessible green space wrapping around the back of our school.

Friends in the park

Infants in particular love the carved wooden characters dotted around the paths through Valley Gardens. An owl welcomes you through the Gisburn Road entrance!