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We’re excited to bring you a free webinar for parents and carers on Wednesday 27th September at 10am, focusing on how we can better educate extended family members on understanding and embracing your child with autism. Our autism expert Anne-Marie Harrison will provide top tips and strategies on how to foster sibling relationships and explore ways to enjoy whole family-participation.


Do you know any parents or carers who might be interested in this webinar? We want to share this advice and support far and wide, so if you would like a digital flyer to share on social media or with family and friends, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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To celebrate ADHD Awareness Month in October, we are hosting a session for parents and carers exploring what ADHD is, how it presents in young people, ways it can impact them in a positive and negative way, and tackling some of the myths.


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Did you miss our webinar, ‘Supporting The Professional: Back To School Advice’?

Emma Weaver - No Background

Emma Weaver, Deputy CEO from the ADHD Foundation, shares top tips and strategies to support teaching professionals with the return to school after the 6-week holiday.


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EHCP: Supporting A Parent With The Process

Melanie Adams, Partnership Manager from Witherslack Group, shares advice and knowledge on how we can support parents and carers on their EHCP journey, from handling obstacles to being an emotional support.


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SENsational Podcast

Our podcast is all about celebrating neurodiversity, empowering parents, carers and professionals with the knowledge needed to support neurodivergent children.


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