School Uniform

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Dear Parents and Carers,

At Gisburn Road, we take pride in our school uniform and see the wearing of it as a sense of belonging to our Gisburn Road family.  We are often complimented on our uniform by members of the community and when out and about on school trips. As with all policies, we have taken some time to review our school uniform.  We are happy to say that our policy will remain the same – please see the school website for details.
 We have taken time this half term collecting samples from various uniform suppliers, particularly looking at the tartan skirts and pinafores (after listening to some parental feedback about the cost). Whilst we could get cheaper options at £14 a skirt (£4 cheaper than Skip to School), the quality of the material was nowhere near as good.  The tartan skirts from Skip to School are of excellent quality, elasticated waist, a good length and last a long time.  I am speaking from experience here as a parent as my daughter has had the same two school skirts for two years running – and they are still good enough to pass on for someone else to use.  The trick is to wash them, give them a shake and hang to dry – do not iron. The tartan skirts/pinafores will remain as the only skirt option for our uniform.  Red gingham summer dresses may be worn in the warmer months.  Grey trousers or shorts are the plain grey option.
After listening to your feedback, one thing we would like to encourage is the re-use of good quality school uniform.  Therefore, going forward, at the end of each term we are going to operate a ‘Uniform Exchange’ where you can donate and take pre-loved items of all school ages.  We do know that many of you exchange the skirts and pinafores between yourselves and this is wonderful.
Parents of Year 6 – if you have any uniform, particularly skirts and pinafores, that you would like to donate then we will gratefully receive them for our Autumn term Uniform Exchange.
We have also trialled various whiteboard pens – the ones we currently use are labelled ‘washable’, however, we know this is not always the case.  After our current stock has been used up, we will be purchasing red whiteboard pens to minimise the staining on jumpers.  We have trialled various brands and colours, washing the jumpers each time, and the red ‘washable’ pens came out the best!  We hope this will help the longevity and option to reuse the jumpers and cardigans.
Thank you for your continued support,
Mrs Toor