Seeds and Gardeners

A helping hand

As the children start their school life in our reception class they will have a year 6 child to nurture them throughout their first year.

"Pippa talks about her Gardener Harley every day. She reads with him every Friday and he writes in her reading book. We have letters from him stuck on the living room door and we've helped her write replies. When Harley was ill in hospital, Pippa wrote letters to him and kept up to date with his recovery. It's lovely to see a true friendship that clearly has benefits for both children - it's been a huge help during her reception year. Harley's mum says he never stops talking about her too!" Shaun, parent

Seeds and Gardeners

The year 6 child will be known as their "Gardener" and your reception child will be know as their "Seed".

Over the year the children will:

  • read books together
  • play together
  • enjoy lunch together
  • write to each other
  • celebrate each others' achievements

In action

You can often see examples of these important friendships on our news page: