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We aim to create fun and exciting science lessons which give the children an opportunity to access all of our science principles. These principles promote questioning, challenge, working practically, investigating, making choices, working independently and using scientific vocabulary. Children are encouraged to develop their independence in scientific questioning, planning how to investigate in science and carry out and evaluate investigations. Children also develop an understanding of how important and relevant science is to their lives, now and in the future through enterprise and STEM activities.


The science principles below are used in every classroom. They were created by the science lead after discussions with staff and pupils about science lessons.

The principles are displayed on the wall and are accessed either during or after a science lesson. Either nominated children or the teacher tick and date the principles used during the lesson after a short discussion with the class. This enables children to identify the skills they have used and the area of focus for their lesson that day.


• Used and understood scientific vocabulary

• Asked questions about our science learning

• Worked independently

• Been challenged and made choices

• Been investigating or problem solving

• Worked practically using some of our science resources

Yearly Overview