Dear Parents/Carers, We are very excited…

Dear Parents/Carers,
We are very excited in school to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March.
Our theme for this year is ‘Once upon a time’. Each class will be planning a fun packed
day to encourage a love of reading.
We would love you to get involved by helping your child to dress as a book character.
This could be anyone from Goldilocks to the Mad Hatter to Percy Jackson.
On Wednesday 1
st March, we will be watching a performance of Alice in Wonderland
by ‘Just Imagine’ to inspire us for the day itself.
As part of the day, we are inviting adults to become ‘secret readers’. If you have a favourite
story or book that you would like to share with a class (your child’s or another class), please
email Mrs. Bradley at or
and we will arrange a time for you to surprise a class! In your email, please let us know
which class your child is in and which class you would like to read to.
Many thanks,
Mrs J Bradley