AFTER SCHOOL CLUB – West Craven Cheer & Dance – Yr3 / Yr4 / Yr5 / Yr6




Dear Parent/Carer,

Would your child like to join the West Craven Cheer & Dance sessions that they are running within school? These sessions are for a 6 week block in the first half of the Summer Term. There are enough spaces for 15 children from Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. The cost of the club is £24 for the 6 week block (to be paid via ParentPay). If the course is oversubscribed then we may have to ‘draw the names from a hat’. Your child can join more than one club if they wish to do so, as long as the clubs fall on different evenings.

It is essential that we are informed if your child is not attending the club.

Please note: If a child misses 2 sessions without good reason then they will lose their place at the club.



The club takes place each week on THURSDAY 

This activity takes place in the Main Hall.

It starts at 3:30pm and finishes at 4:30pm

Please note:- The Club commences on Thursday 18 April 2024 – Thursday 23 May 2024 (6 weeks)

(Please prepare to stay for an additional 15 minutes after the last session to watch our performance)