Just across the beck, we've got our school allotment.


Here's how our allotment is looking this month. Do you know what these herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables are?

One of our parents - Mr Bowes - has planted some new seeds and seedlings this month, so watch this space!


A huge thank you to Years 5 & 6 and Mrs Ormerod who, in May, worked with one of our Governors - Mr Nixon - to revitalise the school allotment.

Use the before and after sliders to see the difference we made in just a couple of hours:

[twenty20 img1="7552" img2="7551" offset="0.5"]
[twenty20 img1="7566" img2="7565" offset="0.5"]
[twenty20 img1="7561" img2="7560" offset="0.5"]
allotment sos may 2017 beds

We are currently growing strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, potatoes and herbs, with space ready for peas and carrots. The beds are now ready for planting up. Thank you Years 5 and 6!

Would you like an allotment?

Would your family like an allotment? If you live in Barnoldswick, the Town Council provides allotments in various parts of town, including several sites within half a mile of school.

If you live elsewhere, contact your town or parish council, who will be able to help.