Zoom Info And Agreement

Dear Parents and Carers,


Over the coming week we will be hosting Assemblies and small group teaching via Zoom. We have named the groups Zoom Bubbles.

Your class teacher will contact you to let you know when your child will be involved in a Zoom Bubble.

Zoom will also be used for Celebration Assembly and the parents of the awards that week will be invited.

In order to safeguard the children, we have included a Code of Conduct which parents and children must agree to follow and some key information for parents.


Zoom Bubble key information for parents

  • Each ‘Zoom Bubble’ will have a meeting number and password. You must use these to gain access to the meeting.
  • Zoom Bubble times, meeting IDs and passwords will be shared via email privately to parents.
  • You must be present in the room with/within earshot of your child during the Zoom call.
  • A recognised family name has to be posted when joining the Zoom Bubble, otherwise the teacher will reject the participant.
  • In the interest of safeguarding, it is essential that parents do not share the meeting details and login information with other parents or people.
  • There should be no inappropriate content on any of our video calls. Please contact the school if you are concerned about any of the content of the video call.
  • To comply with data protection regulations and to continue to protect your children, we must request that no child or adult records, films or takes photographs during the zoom call.
  • Microphones will be muted by the teacher at the start of the call and only unmuted when it is your child’s opportunity to share their work or the teacher wishes to encourage discussion. The children should not be ‘unmuting’ themselves.
  • If a child is not following the rules, they will be warned by the teacher. If they continue to be disruptive then they will be removed from the call. The teacher will then have a follow-up phone call with the parents once the Zoom has ended.
  • In-chat messaging will be disabled.


Code of Conduct for children

  1. Be ready!
    • Make sure you have been to the toilet and have a drink at hand if you need it.
  2. Stay in one spot.
    • There’s nothing worse than a wobbly camera distracting people.
  3. Know when and how to mute.
    • Your audio will be muted at the start of the call by the teacher and will only be unmuted by the teacher.
  4. Find a quiet spot.
    • This will make it easier for you to hear your classmates and also them to hear you when you’re talking.
  5. Be on time.
    • You can get into the Zoom call early and be in the Virtual Waiting area until the call starts.
  6. Wait your turn.
    • Your teacher will let you know when it is time for you speak.
  7. Be presentable.
    • Take a few minutes to make yourself presentable. Change out of your PJs.
  8. Be respectful!
    • During the call, behave as you would in the classroom.

‘Zoom Bubble’
Code of Conduct Agreement for Parents



  • I confirm I have read and understand the ‘Key information for Parents’.
  • I confirm I have read the ‘Code of Conduct’ to my child(ren).
  • My child(ren) and I fully understand the code of conduct and agree to it.
  • I agree with the warning system in place and to children being removed from the call if necessary.
  • I am happy for my child to participate in a ‘Zoom Bubble’.



Nicola Walker



Nicola Walker