Welcome back to school September 2021!

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Welcome back to school September 2021!


Dear Parents and Carers,


Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding through all the very difficult and unusual times since March 2020!! I would like to also thank you all for the kind messages and gifts that you sent to me and the teaching staff- it meant so much to us all.

Given the latest Government guidance, I can confirm we will be functioning as normal from Thursday 2nd September!  We are all so excited to be planning a ‘normal’ year where we can welcome you all back into school. It will be lovely to have whole school celebration assemblies again along with our shared learning experiences. I for one have missed all the children over the holidays and cannot wait to see them all again! I am sure they will have grown over the holidays.

To enable the smooth running of the school day I have set out below the start and finish times along with the entrance your child will come into in the morning, along with some other routine guidance we need to adhere to.



This remains the same– If your child is unwell and displaying symptoms of Covid-19 you must not attend school – contact us first if you have any doubts. You MUST inform us if you have taken your child for a Coronavirus Test and you MUST inform us of the result- positive or negative.  Any child becoming unwell during school hours will need to be collected from school immediately.



At the start of the school day the children will still be required to wash their hands thoroughly on entry to school. We will be insisting on the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it routine too. The enhanced cleaning procedures which operate throughout the school day will continue. All classrooms will continue to be well ventilated.



School will open the doors from 8.45am. This will allow for a steady intake of children. The official start of the school day is 8.55am. Please ensure your child is at school by this time. Children will return to the previous routine of making their own way in (Year 2 upwards). Please DO NOT allow your child to come to school earlier than 8.45am to wait on the yard unattended.



  • Nursery will open their doors from 8.45am.
  • Reception children can be dropped off, from 8.45am, at their classroom door where Mrs Heaton and Mrs Snowden will be ready to greet you.
  • Year 1 children can be dropped off from 8.45am. In the Autumn and Spring Term parents may accompany your child to the classroom through the Infant building front doors. Mrs Brown and Mrs Wheeler will be ready to greet you.
  • Year 2 children can be dropped off from 8.45am. They will enter the Junior Building via the MAIN OFFICE entrance. Mrs Martin and Mrs Mitchell will be ready to greet them.
  • Year 3 children can be dropped off from 8.45am. They will enter school via their own classroom door on the side of the Junior Building. Staff will be at the door to greet them.
  • Year 4 children can be dropped off from 8.45am. They will enter school via the side corridor we call ‘the tunnel’. (located beyond the Year 3 classroom door) For the first few days Mrs Bradley and Miss Pearson will guide the children in and then they can walk themselves in independently.
  • Year 5 Children can be dropped off at 8.45am. They will enter the building via the side corridor near the kitchen (as with Year 4). Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Wood will be in the classroom waiting to greet the children.
  • Year 6 children can be dropped off from 8.45am. They will enter the building via the MAIN OFFICE entrance.

Once the children are in school the staff will ensure handwashing takes place.


  • Nursery class to be collected at 3:15pm. Please wait in the Nursery yard and the staff will bring your child out to you.
  • Reception class will be collected at 3:20pm from the yard in front of the Infant building. The staff will bring the class out.
  • Year 1 will finish at 3.25pm. They can be collected from the front yard in front of the Infant building and the staff will accompany them out.
  • Year 2 will finish at 3.25pm. They can be collected on the bottom yard and the staff will accompany them out.
  • Year 3, 4, 5 & 6 will finish at 3.20pm. They can be collected on the bottom yard and the staff will accompany them out. ONLY Year 5 and 6 pupils will be permitted to walk home alone and we do require a letter to be signed by parents, annually, before this can happen.



  • Follow the ‘stick to left hand side’ on all yards and pathways -this is no longer statutory but this system has worked well and helped to alleviate congestion at the start and end of the day. So now we are used to it please can we stick to it.
  • Avoid queuing/gathering outside and around the school gates
  • Please respect some adults that may wish to maintain social distancing whilst on the school site.
  • We have an open door policy and are happy to chat to parents at the start of the day. This is for brief handovers, which we appreciate, but please bear in mind we need to get lessons underway by 8.55am. If you need a longer discussion with a teacher, please ring the office and book an appointment. Teachers will be on the yard at the end of the day too.
  • Face coverings are no longer required and will be entirely the choice of the individual.



Before and After School care is open to all children from Nursery upwards. Blooming Buds have now taken over this provision and will be taking bookings. The Before and After School care is ONLY for Gisburn Road Children.



We realise that the tartan skirts have been very difficult to get hold of over the summer. Grey skirts can be worn by the girls whilst the distribution difficulties continue. Please ensure girls hair is tied back once it reaches shoulder length.



The hall will be used as normal for the dining room at lunchtime.  The children will be able to play with children from different classes at lunch time.

Please ensure lunches are nut-free because we have a number of children with nut allergies. This includes sandwich filling such as Nutella. 



We have water bottles in school which we provide for each child. Every day the bottles are out in the dishwasher to clean. If you prefer to send your child with their own drinks bottle, this must be labelled clearly with their name and washed on a daily basis.



The safety of our pupils, staff and parents is important to us and we work hard to make sure our school is as safe as can be, whilst maintaining a welcoming and friendly environment in which to learn.  If in the event of an outbreak of Coronavirus (5 cases) in school we will need to resort to more strict measures and this may include a staggered start time for your child’s class. You will be informed of such change if and when this occurs.


Once again, I would like to thank you for your support and commitment to our school community. Let’s hope that this year is smooth and relatively normal. I sincerely hope you have all had time over the summer period to enjoy some family time (without the pressure of home learning!), I know I have enjoyed seeing my own children and grandchildren more regularly.


Thank you for your continued support, I look forward to seeing you and your child on Thursday 2nd September.


Nicola Walker
Warmest wishes,

Mrs Nicola Walker