17th December – Mrs Walker’s Letter – Returning to School Jan 2022



Dear Parents / Carers, 
I want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

Thinking ahead, when and if school opens on the 4 January 2022, we WILL be back to our class bubbles and operating at Level 3 of our Covid Management Plan – with children on site depending on any further guidance from the Prime Minister.

We will be operating the staggered start & finish times, so please check the outbreak management plan for your class times –
Please adhere to these times and do not come earlier. If you are waiting on the yard – your child MUST stand with you, they are not allowed to run around and mix with other children from other class bubbles.


Start of Day

We will revert to lining up on the yard and the classroom staff will collect the children from the yard at their start time.


End of the day

Children will be brought to the yard, lined up and parents can collect from the yard.


Other Routines

All parents must make their way to the yard at start and finish times – Please do not wait in the main gate area off Gisburn Road. Please use the ‘Keep Left’ system whilst on site. See map:-




Please do not come onto site unnecessarily, if you need to speak to anyone in school, please ring the school office on 01282812287 or email .

When school opens, whether this is the 4 January or later, this will be the system in place. If on the 4 January we are moving to remote learning, we are prepared for this too.

If Covid has taught us all anything, it is that we are all so flexible and adaptable. So thank you for your support.


In the meantime, have a lovely family Christmas. Stay Safe!


Nicola Walker