Lockdown January 2021


Again, we close our doors to the vast majority of children today! After the Prime Minister insisting he would not close Primary Schools, he has rushed a decision to close for six weeks at such short notice. However, I think we can all see that this is a necessary step to protect our loved ones from the virus and we are almost there! We all have high hopes that the vaccine will allow us to get back to ‘normal’.


All the staff are gutted, yes gutted that we have had to close. They have been working hard to close some of the gaps in learning that emerged from the last Lockdown. This Lockdown is different. The National Curriculum should and must continue to be taught. We will be providing 3 hours of learning each day via the Century Learning Platform. The teachers will set learning in line with their class curriculum. Bear in mind that they may set what they think will take 3 hours and some children may do that quicker…it’s not quite the same as being in the classroom but as parents you could ask, ‘Have you completed the task fully?’ ‘Can you explain any further?’


I realise Home Learning is not easy and we do not want to create more stress in a very stressful situation. The teachers will be on hand to support you all. They will be contacting you by phone or by email. To contact your class teacher about learning – the class email is the best route. All the staff will be working as hard as ever and will be available between 9am and 3.30pm. Bear in mind they may have their own children at home too, so some may work outside of these on some days.


The office staff will be available to answer telephone calls and emails between 8:30am and 3:30pm. They will be working as usual and Mrs Barwell will be on hand to answer your queries. If you wish you to contact us outside of these hours, please use the email address. We will keep you updated of any changes related to COVID 19 along the way. What we do know is that school will be closed for the vast majority pupils up until the February half term. Half term begins on Friday 12th February 2021. There will no online learning for the half term week.


I always consider myself very privileged to be the Headteacher in such a wonderful school and a fantastic community (I know I say that lot!) I appreciate your support – you truly have been amazing through all of this pandemic and I know that many of you have been hit hard financially. There are organisations that can help and support your family, so please contact us if you need support.


Again- stay well, spread some happiness every day and hug your children lots!

If anyone needs anything – you know where we are.


Nicola Walker
Lots and lots of warm wishes from Mrs walker and all the team. #teamgisburnroad!

Thank you,

Nicola Walker