‘Learning Talk’







Dear Parents/Carers,


This Friday you will receive our first ‘Learning Talk’ from your child’s class via email or on paper.


The idea of Learning Talk is to give you, as parents, a prompt for discussion about what your child has been learning in class that week. As parents, we know that quite often when we ask our children, ‘What have you done today?’  The answer can be, ‘nothing’.  Learning Talk gives you some questions to ask your child to encourage discussion about their learning and new knowledge; it is also designed to help children know more and remember more.


We hope you will enjoy using ‘Learning Talk’ with your child and having more of an insight into what your child has learnt each week.


All feedback is very welcome and can be passed on through teachers please.


I have attached an example so you can see what to look out for!



Warmest wishes,


Mrs L Toor

Deputy Headteacher