It is SO important that parents do not t…

It is SO important that parents do not take advantage of this provision if they are considering using it when they don’t absolutely have to.

It is not a ‘Golden Ticket’ for free childcare because your work or the work of your ex-partner falls in to the Keyworker category but one of you actually has the ability to stay home with them.

This provision should only be a LAST RESORT for those parents who have absolutely no other choice during the times they are on shift.

It should not be an excuse to send in your kids because you/your partner don’t want to work at home with them around.

It should not be used for those who have someone who can look after the children but would rather not.

It should not be used for children that are old enough that you would happily leave at home on their own at any other time.

It will mean that divorced/separated partners who are working from home may need to have their own children on weeks/days that they may not usually.

It will mean step-parents who are able to, will have to step up and take over childcare even when it’s not their usual time to.

If this is not used as an absolute last measure then the whole process becomes pointless.

Please think of the older and vulnerable people you will come in to contact with in your line of work, think of your children, think of the teachers who are supervising children. Please ONLY USE THIS AS A LAST RESORT.
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My post is not to make anyone who has no choice feel guilty. (It isn’t to make anyone feel guilty actually-just to make people really think hard about if they need to use the provision.) As a teacher I am also classed as a key worker. It will be my job to look after the children of other key workers and those that are vulnerable and I feel privileged to be able to do my part. I would qualify to take my three children in to their school, but will not be as fortunately my husband can work from home so he will be juggling doing that and looking after the children when I have to be in work.

That’s how we reduce the spread of the virus.

I realise not every key worker is in that position and if you have no choice but to use the service then you absolutely should NOT feel guilty. The post is for those (and there are many) who will use it even though they don’t need to. Keep safe and take care x