Dear Parents / Carers,

The rise in the Delta variant of COVID across the East of Lancashire and other regions has been widely reported on the news. We have seen a rise in cases locally in Barnoldswick too.

Therefore, I am really disappointed to inform you, that we will not be able to invite you in to any shared learning events, this is in line with the latest Government Guidance that has been sent through to school.
Sports Day will go ahead within the separate bubbles and we will post pictures on Facebook for you all to see. Year 6 leavers events will also be minimised in order to reduce the risk of infection.

I appreciate how fed up we all are of the constant changes – but, we are quite used to it now!

I do appreciate your continued support and I always make my decisions to keep everyone as safe as possible.

On a positive note, we are in for some glorious weather over the next week or so!

Nicola Walker
Warmest wishes,

Mrs Nicola Walker