A Message From Mrs Walker

Dear Parents and children,

Our Year 3, Year 2 and Year 6 classes have been at home due to class closures. I have kept in close touch with the class teams and have been extremely happy to hear reports of pupils learning from home. Whilst we know it isn’t easy, the effort that many children and their families have gone to is worth sharing. I have heard about around 95% attendance of children emailing work into their teachers on a daily basis and the regular use of our online learning platform, Century.
Well done to everyone!

If your child’s class is sent home, then they must continue with their learning. The learning that is being set by the class teachers is new and follows our curriculum map- just as it would of the children were in school.

The tree is up, the nativity is being rehearsed and so are the Christmas Songs! We have been busy making preparations for our outdoor celebrations so we can all experience a little bit Christmas cheer! We do have risk assess each event and comply with COVID Guidance and I know there may some families disappointed this year because not everyone in the family will be able to attend a Christmas event. I hope you understand that we will be need to be really strict on the number of attendees in order to carry out the events in a safe way.
Thank you for all your continued support!! #teamgisburnroad