A wealth of opportunity awaits

At Gisburn Road Community Primary School in Barnoldswick we nurture, inspire and challenge everyone to have the confidence, skills and values to thrive and achieve
Together we dream it, believe it, achieve it!

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Children, staff, governors and parents speak to you in our homemade video tours as if you were walking around school!


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on our Journey to Outstanding

Our community school and nursery is busy, thriving and popular, with everyone involved working hard and being committed to helping our children be the best they can be.

We are a caring, happy and friendly school with a family atmosphere. We are a school where our pupils aim high, succeed through challenge and....


support and take responsibility for their own learning. We encourage independent learners who think creatively and reflectively and as a result, our children achieve fantastic academic rewards. Throughout their school life and journey, a team of dedicated and skilful teachers supports the children.

We work hard with all our families to ensure every child’s needs are met. We love welcoming parents in to watch assemblies or join in with our learning. Pupil voice plays an important and significant role in the ethos and vision of our school. They are encouraged to contribute their views and opinions on school life through our School Council and enterprise is encouraged at every level.

It’s a privilege to be the Headteacher of Gisburn Road Community Primary School and I urge you to see for yourself. We're having a virtual open day this year but the children were super keen to star in lots of videos and show you around school.

We hope by reading our website you will recognise how special and wonderful Gisburn Road School is.

With very warm wishes,

Nicola Walker, Headteacher

Mrs Nicola Walker, Headteacher

A GOOD School

Our primary school and nursery is a community in which we are all valued equally as individuals. We treat each other and everyone in our community with respect: valuing trust and honesty in all we do.

We strive constantly for our children to enjoy school and become life long learners. Our curriculum promotes active learning that engages all children, promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages enterprise. As a school community we value commitment.

At Gisburn Road, located at the very heart of Barnoldswick, we prepare our children to have the confidence and skills to thrive.

In our last Ofsted inspection we were graded 'good'.


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Christmas Jumper Day


Isabella and Benjamin


Eva and Henry


Mrs Mitchell




Children Attending School Through Lockdown

5 January 2021

Once again the Government have taken the step of closing schools to the vast majority of pupils in order to help to stem the spread of Covid-15 (Coronavirus). This has been done at extremely short notice and we have been working hard to make plans that ensure the pupils can come to school and continue…

Lockdown January 2021

5 January 2021

  Again, we close our doors to the vast majority of children today! After the Prime Minister insisting he would not close Primary Schools, he has rushed a decision to close for six weeks at such short notice. However, I think we can all see that this is a necessary step to protect our loved…

Christmas Blockbuster Challenge 2020

16 December 2020

Take a look at the Christmas PE challenges and see if you can complete 5 over the holidays. The instructions and information are detailed on the image. Please can you also email any picture or videos to sootyowls@gisburnroad.com so we can share your completed challenges on our school Facebook page and website. Thank you, Miss…


Nothing from 20 January 2021 to 20 January 2021.