GYMNASTICS CLUB Y3 – Summer Half Term (6 Weeks) 2021








Dear Parent/Carer,


Your child has expressed an interest in joining the Year 3 Gymnastics Club. This will be run by Jessica in the Junior Hall. Jessica currently works in school and teaches Year 3 for one PE lesson a week.  The cost of this club would usually be £6 per child but this is being subsidised by school. There are enough spaces for 15 children. Each week the children will be learning lots of new gymnastics skills and will be building it up each week ready to perform a routine at the end of the block. This club is open to all Year 3 children.


It is essential that if your child is not attending the club we are informed.

Please note: If a child misses 2 sessions without good reason then they will lose their place at the club.


Please note:-

The club commences Wednesday 9th June 2021

The last session is Wednesday 14th July 2021.



The club takes place each week on Wednesday.


This activity takes place in the JUNIOR HALL.


It starts at 3:30pm. Finishes at 4:30pm.


Due to limited numbers we will inform you by text by the end of Half Term if your child has a place on this after school club.



Please fill in the form below if you consent to your child  taking part in the Gymnastics Club which is run by Jessica Scott and that you will will pick your child up at the end of the club or you will arrange collection with an after school club.